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We're Joe & Mackenzie.

Your hosts here at

Mill Creek Music Farm

At MCMF, we're passionate about celebrating the rich traditions and heritage of American Music in its many forms.

We firmly believe in the profound connections fostered through the harmonies of music and nature, finding solace and joy in life's simpler pleasures. But MCMF goes beyond the typical music venue experience. Nestled on our farm are two charming houses, generously accommodating entire families for a comfortable stay. Alongside enjoying great tunes, we offer hiking trails to explore the natural beauty surrounding us.


That's not all – MCMF is also your go-to spot for unforgettable events. Whether it's a family getaway or a special celebration, our vacation house rentals provide the perfect backdrop. And yes, we even host weddings! 

We are a community of God-fearing, gun-toting, All-American music lovers. We take immense pride in preserving and promoting the timeless values that have contributed to the greatness of our beloved country.


So, welcome to Mill Creek Music Farm, where our love for music and devotion to American ideals harmoniously converge.


Hi  y'all!

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